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Get your web project live in seconds

Just git push to ship to IONOS

Use BuildWith IONOS to get your next web project live in seconds. Try yourself by clicking on Drop to
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Get your next web project live in seconds

Connect your repository
1. Connect your repository
Just git push to ship to IONOS.
Setup your project
2. Setup your project
IONOS detects by default a bunch of popular frameworks and is totally customizable at the same time.
Ship to IONOS
3. Ship to IONOS
Publishing is seamless with instant cache invalidation and atomic deploys.

Hit the ground running

Setting up your next project with BuildWith IONOS brings up essential features just from the beginning.

  • BuildWith IONOS makes it simple

    Publish modern web projects right from your git repository. Use your favorite framework. You don't need to be an expert to create and ship a feature-rich web project with IONOS.

  • Automate your work

    Automate your next web project from the beginning. Don't repeat yourself and rely on proven build steps and produce snapshots in short cycles with each git push. Things will go wrong. Get aware of failures immediately.

  • Preview your changes

    Generate a full preview of your web project with every git push. Apply atomic switch to live.

  • Ship directly to the edge

    Always fast. Always online. Always a hit.

Works with all popular Jamstack frameworks

(Coming soon) LAMP stack support